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If I want a "studio" set up in my home, how much room do I need have for it?
        The studio set up includes a backdrop stand and lighting.  A clear area of at least 12 feet wide and 15
         feet long, with a ceiling height of at least 8 feet with no hanging fixtures is required.

Do you retouch photographs?
        All photographs are retouched for teeth and eye whitening, and temporary blemishes like acne.

Do you do the printing of the photographs?
        No, and for good reason.  I am a photographer, and work hard to perfect and improve my craft.  
        Printing would be only a small part of what I do.  Therefore, not much time to perfect the art of printing.  
        I use a professional photo lab to print your images.  Printing is what they do 40 hours a week and 
        they are experts at it.  They take great care in their work to produce the highest quality prints.  
        They also work closely with me to ensure I can give them the best quality and compatible image files 
        for their printing equipment.  All so you receive the highest quality prints for your money.

Why is there a price jump for prints above 8X10?
        Prints larger than 8X10 require the use of large format printing equipment and the cost of larger size
        paper also goes up quick.  These are costs that are out of my control.

Any recommendations as to what clothing should be worn?
        For family/group photographs, similar dress gives a more cohesive, balanced, unified feel.

        The camera has a tendency to make bare arms thicker.  Keep this in mind if you are thinking of a 
        sleeveless outfit.  Sleeves of any length help prevent this distortion.

I have young children, is there anything special I need to be aware of?
        Young children are at their best and most cooperative when when freshly napped and fed.
  I am a
        father, and I know that this can be almost impossible to accomplish.  Children will be children and we 
        all have to adapt as best as we can.  So don't get frustrated with them or be embarrassed about what
        they may do.  Remember, as a father, I've been there and done that.  No apologies needed.

Can I bring props and items to the session?
        Feel free to bring out items of your interests and activities.  Musical instruments, sporting equipment,
        toys, etc.  Show the world a facet of what makes you the person you are.

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